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WIP: scene 1 - 5

Infinite Possibilities: Vol.1, Scene 1-5

After the graduation, for the first five days, I took one more step further into a search for architectural possibilities within the programs that were used in animation / visual effects software. Various programs used for these different design media such as Cinema 4D and Maya, which allowed me to easily visualize the collection of the design in different scales, from the scale of furniture to mega-structure. The method of generating a formal series was different from the usual modeling and designing process. It allowed creating a unique set of palettes, not only from the general scope of space as architecture has been but through the different scales and time. Animated forms allowed the rigid bodies to adapt more of fluid flows between the variations of the volume created throughout the animated frames. The models were chosen in a highly selective process, each animated models generated about a hundred plus types of the models to compare the fusion of the variants given with the forms. The agglomeration and blend between the models not only provided the possibilities within the models throughout the frames, but the possibilities of the adaptation of the other design tools that are unrestricted to architecture toolsets.

Sung Su Kim _portfolio_ 2018 summer_Page
Sung Su Kim _portfolio_ 2018 summer_Page
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